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Funky Buddha
Saturday, October 21st, 2017
9:00 PM
“Daryl Hance has crafted a psychedelic fuzz bomb of hot water soul. Wild Blue Iris is an existential watershed brought on by the realization that life is not just the self, but the surroundings, and all things are inextricably linked. Hance’s record is at once deeply spiritual and entirely agnostic. His very southern sounding music has all the sophistication of british pop, but comes via simple arrangements. Wild Blue Iris is that crucial summertime album you’ve been looking for. You can put it on and let it rock dependably in the background, or you can choose to engage it, to marinate in it’s warmth and positivity, and be washed over by it’s rock ‘n’ roll…” Sean Jewell - American Standard Time in Seattle ----------------------------------------- Singer/guitarist Daryl Hance is an artist from Jacksonville, Florida whose music is predominately steeped and rooted in the spirit of the great blues, funk, and pre-1975 or so rock and roll musics, fortified with fuzzy super-fat vintage tones, heaps of bottom-end, and transcendental songs high on life, hope, fun, love, and living. His brand of funky, bluesy, swampy, rock and roll music is delivered live via his band, Daryl Hance Powermuse, a not to be missed high-octane power-packed punch of deeply hypnotic grooves and good times!