The Dead And Living Tickets - Scalateatern | Bandsintown
Saturday, September 30th, 2017
7:00 PM
All Ages, 150 SEK (inc service fees..) Death beverages: 18 years+ Doors: 6 pm Act I: 7 pm:00 Act II: ca 8 pm Afterparty: 10 pm, more info soon. Limited tickets available. Come as you are.. Dead or Living. Pre order tickets now: Travel & Accomondation tips: or PM The Dead And Living on Facebook) THE DEAD AND LIVING - 10 YEAR DEATH ANNIVERSARY ten years ago... In the very depths of Karlstads undoubtebly most decadent tavern... The first plans were made for what would become the apocalyptic gothrock explosion we now know as The Dead And Living ... September 30th celebrates 10 years of dancing with dead, and it comes with a bang(!). Guest performances, lots of surprises and above all, for the first time ... The Dead And Living on ahometown theatre stage. 666 cheers for the dead... ...Hip Hip Horroo! GUESTS: * Jonas "Manny" Åsman (ex The Dead And Living), Orb Designer * Micke "Skeletor" Jörstad (ex The Dead And Living), FROM THE TRACKS * Robert "Rock" Stålbro (FRILANS DÖD) * Johan "Döden" Engström (FRILANS DÖD) * Johan "Administrator" Carlsson (Sparzanza) * Kristofer "Krolle" Strandberg (Eyes Wide Open) * Zanna "Zatana" Stålbro Robert "Incarnator" Karlsson Nordberg and more.. + SPECIAL SECRET GUEST EXHIBITORS: Beatrice Rangfeldt (B.r.Art) Louise Wik ( Emil Edman (Emils Black Art) Fredrik Otter - Concert Photos Let's Ride Retro More to be added... All exhibitors will sell exclusive drawings, paintings, prints etc DJs: Roya Sarvestani, Club Pebbles Tommy Gustavsson, Darkest July