Kemuel Roig Tickets - The Fish House | Bandsintown
Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
8:00 PM
Kemuel Roig Afro-Cuban Quartet Kemuel Roig: Piano Rodner Padilla: Bass HIlario Bell: Drums Jose "Majito" Aguilera: Percusions "Kemuel Roig is a perfect blend of virtuosity and musicality. The humanity of his personality permeates his music, which can be as thrilling or as heartfelt as any you will hear." -Shelly Berg- "I have had the privilege and honor to have Kemuel Roig in my band for quite a number of years. I have witnessed his constant desire for progress and his commitment and joy for music, Kemuel is an incredible musician, he is blessed by God with an amazing musicianship!!! I enjoy so much his playing on every performance that we do. It's a real joy to listen to him playing on so many different style with absolute authenticity. May God bless us to keep enjoying your music and company for years to come!!!" -Arturo Sandoval- “Kemuel Roig is a truly gifted pianist, improviser and composer. Possessing a serious command of the piano, Kemuel plays with fire, emotion and energy--yet always projects a mature sense of musicality and taste. A modernist deeply tied to the jazz tradition, Kemuel has developed his own unique sound and approach as a pianist and composer, combining elements of traditional and modern jazz, post modern Cuban and Afro-Cuban influences. I’m always inspired and elated listening to Kemuel play!" -Martin Bejerano- "I love listening to Kemuel!" His playing is fiery and passionate yet retains both beauty and lyricism. Each note is imbued with a keen sense of intelligence." -John Hart-