Tamar Eisenman Tickets - Roxy and Dukes | Bandsintown
Friday, November 10th, 2017
8:00 PM
Tamar Eisenman spent a part of her childhood in San Francisco with her family, and it was then that she introduced first to rock, folk, blues, and country music. She has been investigating the wonders of that instrument, and of music in general, ever since. Tamar Released five official studio albums mixing meticulous yet live-feel production styles with a sensitive singer-songwriter ethic. Tamar is a singer-songwriter and guitarist that regularly shatters stereotypes. Presenting a versatile musical attitude, she sounds equally at ease with the delicate acoustic ballads as she does with energetic guitar riffs driven songs. “It took me two days to recover from the shock, recalling a great musical experience in which I saw Garry Moore, B.B. King, and Jimmy Hendrix all on one stage Reflected through Tamar Eisenman, whose performance borders on perfection. Don’t let Tamar Eisenman’s diminutive stature fool you - she’s a musical heavyweight