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Thursday, October 19th, 2017
8:00 PM
Downtown Boys

The position of Providence, RI’s Downtown Boys has been clear since they started storming through basements and DIY spaces with their radically-minded, indefatigable rock music: they are here to topple the white-cis-het hegemony and draft a new history. In the words of vocalist and lyricist Victoria Ruiz, they are “five unique and individual people who believe in the spectrum of people, experiences and emotions.” On their self-titled 2014 EP on Sister Polygon Records (run by their like-minded friends in Priests), they offered songs like “Slumlord Sal,” which strikes out against abusive landlords. Its accompanying video relays the idea that cops can be literally smacked out of their oppressive mindsets and into an exuberantly queer dance party. This is how Downtown Boys began, combining revolutionary ideals with boundless energy and contagious, inclusive fun, and their resolve has only strengthened as both their sound and audience have grown.


Priests are Daniele Daniele (drums), Katie Alice Greer (vocals), G.L. Jaguar (guitar), and Taylor Mulitz (bass). Formed in 2011, the band has proven a valuable force for strangeness in a city that is increasingly terraformed by norms. At a time when few groups were making serious moves beyond the Beltway, Priests toured throughout North America and Europe. More significantly, they’ve helped to raise the general standard of show-going at home through cassettes and singles released on Sister Polygon, including music by bands like Sneaks, Snail Mail, Pinkwash, Cigarette, Downtown Boys, and numerous Priests-affiliated groups like Gauche and Flasher. Still, even amidst thriving hometown creativity, Priests possess a singular gravity. They are physical and combustible, urgent and visceral.

Slumb Party

Slumb Party are a five piece formed in Nottingham at the end of 2016.

Joey (Vocals), Phil (Guitar), Dom (Bass), Nat (Saxophone) & Jess (Drums) got together with the one goal of making different music to anything of the previous bands they had been in.

They write danceable grooves with anxious energy and post-punk drive. Heavy on the Roxy Music sleaze and bursting with New wave hooks.

Slumb Party have shared a stage with some of the most exciting punks bands around at the moment including Thee Oh Sees, Shame, Sievehead, Duds, Cheena.

They are about to play a massive hometown show with Sleaford Mods at Rock City.

Their debut 7” will be released via German label Erste Theke Tontraeger at the end of the year.