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Saturday, November 4th, 2017
8:30 PM
Event Information Braulio en Concierto "Más cerca de tí"on Saturday, November 4 at Centro de Bellas Artes, Santurce. Braulio en Concierto "Más cerca de tí" On Saturday, November 4 at 8:30 pm, attendees will have the opportunity to travel through time with songs that have been part of our lives and dozens of themes from the television favorites series. Braulio, who has always been distinguished for composing with sensitivity lot of sensual love themes, also of dismay and of life, does not cease to amaze his audience, and in this concert in addition to his successes the Canarian-Spanish singer-songwriter will present some of the themes of his new record production. Braulio en Concierto "Mas cerca de ti" is a trip in yesterday's time with unforgettable themes such as “Noche de Bodas”, “En la Cárcel de Tu Piel”, “El Vicio de Tu Boca”, “Pequeña Amante”, “Un Viaje por Tu Cuerpo” to today with his new compositions “Maleficio”, “Mujer de Solo una Noche”, “El Ultimo Perdón”, among others, accompanied by a band of first musicians from Puerto Rico. In his last presentation on the Island, attendees were impressed, witnessing the powerful voice and intense interpretive quality that Braulio maintains.