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BEATS from the Streets of CUBA
Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
7:00 PM
Beats from the streets of Cuba


I will be teaming up with a few friends/professionals and travel to Cuba in search of the inspired, the brilliant and the downright bizarre in a country of great musical heritage and contradictions.

Seeking out musicians and trovadores ( singer songwriters) whose passion drives them to flout the rules, stretching the boundaries of their art to create something vibrant and extraordinary.

Jan-Feb 2014
I first visited Cuba in 2014 and immediately felt a strong affinity with the island and its people. A mutual love of music drew us together and the fact that I play guitar and speak Spanish gave me an instant bond with the locals who welcomed me as one of their own and resulted in some amazing jamming sessions.
I just walked around on my own with my guitar on my back, strummed gently on a quiet bench and within three months was bowing to a standing ovation at a main theatre in Havana having been welcomed with open arms by some outstanding Cuban artists.

Sep- Oct 2014 - I was formally invited to perform at the Prestigious Leo Brouwer Music Festival, forming a band with Cuban musicians touring major cities of Cuba - Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Santiago de Cuba and Havana.