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Monday, November 13th, 2017
7:30 PM
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What man has created with his power of hands: scaffolding, sand castles, Macabars ... Yes, craft has golden soil. This fits well with Alligaotah. He has a goldchin! For the third time now, what creates ivory towers and destroys them in order to play in the rubble and create new things: Alligatoah goes back to chord work.Repetition is not the thing. After guitar accompaniment and Vibra & Marimbafone, Sebel, his partner for the tour, combines electronic sound art with handmade artwork for the first time. The chord work 2017 is musically under the influence of a Hammondorgel! The flair of a 1920s fair meets Wordwitz par excellence - get in, be there and the mirrors in the cell phone!Lukas Strobel aka Alligatoah is an exot in the German hip-hop scene. Although in his early days, according to his own statement, based on German Battle Rap of the Aggro Berlin style, his live shows tend to recall a cabaret revue as a hard-hitting rap performance.Also musically and from the lyrics, Alligatoah differs very much from his colleagues: The structure of his songs corresponds to classic pop songs, there is much singing and guitar to be heard, and the lyrics are often satire rather than nasty Verbalattacken. He is not uncritical, but treats in his rape themes such as religious zeal or sexism.His success is his right: his album `Triebwerke` reached # 1 of the German albumcharts, in 2014 he won the 1 live crown in the category` Best HipHop-Act`. With the successor `Music is not a solution`, Alligatoah in 2015 once again hit the mark of 100,000 sales and received another gold award.