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Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
7:15 PM
For a bunch of boys from Toronto, the Slocan Ramblers are turning out a piping hot brand of bluegrass that you just may think was cut fresh from a back porch in the Blue Ridge! (Elmore Magazine)

Oh yes! Canadian Bluegrass served up by one of the most exciting young bands on the scene at the moment, and we're absolutely thrilled that they're going to be bringing their exciting live show to the historic and beautiful Square Tower!

They served their time the bare-knuckles way! Taming the rowdy bars of Toronto and teaching the masses that bluegrass, well played, was something to be loved and savoured! This is a city where audiences don't respond to the clean-cut Nashville sound - the music has got to have dirt caked on its boots and more spit than polish. The Toronto crowd is a tough one to impress, but once you have captured their attention, they get firmly behind you!

The Slocan Ramblers tapped into the rough and rowdy heart of the music, blending lightning fast and devilishly intricate instrumentals with sawdust-thick vocals! In no time, they had developed a healthy following as a must-see act!

Their 2015 Coffee Creek album won the band respect and broadened out interest on this side of the Atlantic too. As their reputation grew, they won invitations to appear at prestigious US events such as Rockygrass and Merlefest, re-affirming the real, full-depth seal of approval from their peers and the diehards, as well as roots music fans who simply enjoy great music regardless of any labels.

This Canadian quartet captures the breadth and depth of bluegrass that bands in the chilly North aspire to. If you've grown tired of the same old sounds, here's a band who reinvents a genre that's growing through many changes of late! (Bluegrass Unlimited)

This is roots music without pretension, music intended to make you feel something, music to get you moving in a crowded bar. The Slocan Ramblers recorded Coffee Creek the same way they perform on stage: standing up, leaning into the music, and pushing harder and harder for that edge just beyond.

Traditional Album Of The Year Nominee - Canadian Folk Music Awards 2016

Emerging Artist Award - Edmonton Folk Festival

Though the Slocan Ramblers might sound like they hail from the rolling hills of Tennessee, they actually come from the West End of Toronto! (The Bluegrass Situation)