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Monday, December 4th, 2017
7:30 PM
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Xavier Naidoo Live in Wien 2017!Xavier Kurt Naidoo also known by his stage name Kobra, is a German Soul and R&B singer/songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor.Musical themesEthosNaidoo`s music has been claimed to feature a utopian, pan-theistic ideology through which he expressed his own political anxieties and stances. Although he explores Christian, Muslim, and Rastafarian modes of living, his work has been asserted to be strongly grounded in Old Testament narratives and apocalyptic sentiments. Applying these to situations faced specifically in a ` Black German `? context, Naidoo has called for solutions not from the state, but from cross-cultural spiritual collectivities. For example, in the lyrics and video for `Seine Strassen,` the power of the state in terms of protection and surveillance is said to pale in comparison to higher spiritual powers.[10]However his lyrics have also featured anti-Semitic slurs and homophobic sentiments. His 2012 song Wo sind implied that homosexuals were paedophiles.Mixed German and Asian identityNaidoo didn`t engage directly with his own mixed German and Asian identity in his music, but he was integral to the formation of an Afro-German presence in German popular culture. Specifically, his work with Glashaus can be said to have originated a distinctly Afro-German form of R&B, one which addressed the issues faced by Black Germans without invoking Black Germans specifically. Not only did Naidoo experiment with sounds from around the Black Diaspora, notably working with RZA, but was also a member of Brothers Keepers, an explicitly Afro-German and explicitly political collective. As lead singer in `Adriano,` one of Brothers Keepers`s most iconic songs, he stands with the Afro-German collective, setting the tone for their message