Zuoz, Switzerland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Carvin Jones Zuoz Oct 18 Carvin Jones
COR Zuoz Oct 20 COR
Zoree Zuoz Oct 20 Zoree
Kill The Unicorn Zuoz Oct 21 Kill The Unicorn, Chase The Pancake, Deadtime Stories and 1 more...
Keith Thompson Band Zuoz Oct 27 Keith Thompson Band
Tanja La Croix Zuoz Oct 27 Tanja La Croix
Dj Toro (South Tyrol) Zuoz Oct 28 Dj Toro (South Tyrol)
Keith Thompson Band Zuoz Oct 28 Keith Thompson Band
Truck Stop Zuoz Oct 31 Truck Stop
Miss Mallow-MärliMusical von Andrew Bond Zuoz Nov 05 Miss Mallow-MärliMusical von Andrew Bond
Nicolas Bearde Zuoz Nov 08 Nicolas Bearde
James Carter Zuoz Nov 08 James Carter
Undercover Zuoz Nov 10 Undercover
The GiVING Zuoz Nov 10 The GiVING, Hellvetica, Chase The Pancake and 1 more...
Hellvetica Zuoz Nov 10 Hellvetica
Tomaros Zuoz Nov 12 Tomaros
Overoth Zuoz Nov 17 Overoth
Shadow's Far Zuoz Nov 17 Shadow's Far, Overoth, Masquerade
Dada (ante portas) Zuoz Nov 17 Dada (ante portas)