Zogno, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Radical Face Zogno Aug 23 Radical Face
X Ambassadors Zogno Aug 23 X Ambassadors, Interpol
Sonars Zogno Aug 24 Sonars
Willy Marano Zogno Aug 25 Willy Marano, Eiffel 65
Roddy Woomble Zogno Aug 25 Roddy Woomble
A Modern Way Zogno Aug 25 A Modern Way
LakeComo Festival Zogno Aug 25 LakeComo Festival
Marco Bianchi, vibraphone Zogno Aug 25 Marco Bianchi, vibraphone
kachupa Zogno Aug 25 kachupa
Eiffel 65 Zogno Aug 25 Eiffel 65
Juri Carera DJ Zogno Aug 25 Juri Carera DJ
Villa Reale Monza Zogno Aug 26 Villa Reale Monza
PicDrink Zogno Aug 26 PicDrink
Open Air Aperitif Zogno Aug 26 Open Air Aperitif
DJ Set Zogno Aug 26 DJ Set
Vitowar Zogno Aug 26 Vitowar
Dizzyride Zogno Aug 26 Dizzyride
Viscera/// Zogno Aug 26 Viscera///, Ulvedharr, Adrenalin Dose and 2 more...
 Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons Zogno Aug 26 Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons