Zgorzelec, Poland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kronum Zgorzelec Sep 22 Kronum
clint stewart Zgorzelec Sep 22 clint stewart
DEMSKI Zgorzelec Sep 22 DEMSKI
Kronum Zgorzelec Sep 23 Kronum
Nik P. Zgorzelec Sep 23 Nik P.
Kronum Zgorzelec Sep 29 Kronum
Born From Pain Zgorzelec Sep 29 Born From Pain
Kronum Zgorzelec Sep 30 Kronum
Tom Astor LIVE! Zgorzelec Oct 01 Tom Astor LIVE!
Natalia Mateo Zgorzelec Oct 01 Natalia Mateo
Kronum Zgorzelec Oct 06 Kronum
Matthias Reim Zgorzelec Oct 06 Matthias Reim
BAND 2017 Zgorzelec Oct 06 BAND 2017
Kronum Zgorzelec Oct 07 Kronum
Roland Kaiser Zgorzelec Oct 07 Roland Kaiser
BAND 2017 Zgorzelec Oct 07 BAND 2017
Mount Gammaray Burns Zgorzelec Oct 07 Mount Gammaray Burns, Forget Your Hopes
Daria Chernakova Zgorzelec Oct 09 Daria Chernakova
The End Men Zgorzelec Oct 10 The End Men