York, PA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Iron Lion World York Sep 23 Iron Lion World
D.J. Ace York Sep 23 D.J. Ace, D.J. Ace and Much Finesse, Q the Prophet and 4 more...
Dave Root Band York Sep 23 Dave Root Band, Threat Level Midnight, Apollo's Prophecy
David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition York Sep 23 David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition
Robert Montgomery York Sep 23 Robert Montgomery, David Davis And The Warrior River Boys
Music and Art York Sep 23 Music and Art
We Have A Dream York Sep 23 We Have A Dream
Dr. Slothclaw York Sep 23 Dr. Slothclaw, Ralph Real & Friends
Robert Mabe York Sep 23 Robert Mabe
Three Strands York Sep 23 Three Strands, The Jayplayers
Tornado 4:18 York Sep 23 Tornado 4:18
Arm the Slaves York Sep 23 Arm the Slaves, Oshian, Almost Honest and 1 more...
JR Wolf York Sep 23 JR Wolf
Oshian York Sep 23 Oshian
Jackson Heights Music York Sep 23 Jackson Heights Music
Sneed Family York Sep 23 Sneed Family
Katie Kresge York Sep 23 Katie Kresge
The University of South Vietnam School of Warfare York Sep 23 The University of South Vietnam School of Warfare
Kate Mooney York Sep 23 Kate Mooney