Worms, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Worms

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Cadence Please Worms Sep 21 Cadence Please
James Walker Worms Sep 21 James Walker
Loud Mountains Worms Sep 21 Loud Mountains, James Walker, Matt Phillips
Kryptakonzert Worms Sep 21 Kryptakonzert
Alasdair Roberts Worms Sep 21 Alasdair Roberts
Manuellsen Worms Sep 21 Manuellsen
Handle With Care - Duo Band Worms Sep 21 Handle With Care - Duo Band
PoetrySlam Mainz Worms Sep 21 PoetrySlam Mainz
DJ Shadow Worms Sep 22 DJ Shadow
Cygne Worms Sep 22 Cygne
Tankard Worms Sep 22 Tankard
Bastard Nation Worms Sep 22 Bastard Nation
Betrayal GER Worms Sep 22 Betrayal GER
Jörg Krämer Worms Sep 22 Jörg Krämer
Susanne Hartwich-Düfel Worms Sep 22 Susanne Hartwich-Düfel
Modern Times 2 Worms Sep 22 Modern Times 2
Beckmann-Griess Worms Sep 22 Beckmann-Griess
David Grissom Worms Sep 22 David Grissom
Sting Worms Sep 22 Sting