Winfield, WV
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Render the Hearts Winfield Sep 27 Render the Hearts
The Midnight Ghost Train Winfield Sep 27 The Midnight Ghost Train
Ricky Cooper Winfield Sep 28 Ricky Cooper
ForeverAtLast Winfield Sep 28 ForeverAtLast
My Politic Winfield Sep 28 My Politic
4 OHM MONO Winfield Sep 29 4 OHM MONO, Scarlet Revolt, Wolves of the Calla and 1 more...
Scarlet Revolt Winfield Sep 29 Scarlet Revolt
Ricky Cooper Winfield Sep 30 Ricky Cooper
The Blankenship Family Winfield Sep 30 The Blankenship Family
College Hill Winfield Sep 30 College Hill, Heavy Hitters, Hawkins and 1 more...
The Mantras Winfield Sep 30 The Mantras, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, Static Fur
PantrysParty Winfield Sep 30 PantrysParty
The Blankenship Family Winfield Oct 01 The Blankenship Family
Ian Randall Thornton Winfield Oct 01 Ian Randall Thornton
Ricky Cooper Winfield Oct 05 Ricky Cooper
Time and Distance Winfield Oct 05 Time and Distance, PantrysParty, Bob Jovi
Jada Vance Winfield Oct 06 Jada Vance
Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution Winfield Oct 06 Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution
Jeremy Wolfe Winfield Oct 07 Jeremy Wolfe
Noelle Dey Winfield Oct 07 Noelle Dey