Wiehl, Germany
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kris Drever Wiehl Sep 21 Kris Drever
Avatarium Wiehl Sep 21 Avatarium
Fraser Anderson Wiehl Sep 21 Fraser Anderson, Fraser Anderson
Sunset Boulevard Wiehl Sep 21 Sunset Boulevard
""Frau Höpker bittet zum Gesang"" Wiehl Sep 21 ""Frau Höpker bittet zum Gesang""
GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn Wiehl Sep 21 GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn
GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn Wiehl Sep 22 GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn
Ananda / The Love Keys Wiehl Sep 22 Ananda / The Love Keys
Edguy Wiehl Sep 22 Edguy
EDGUY  Wiehl Sep 22 EDGUY 
Thomas Borchert Wiehl Sep 22 Thomas Borchert
Holger Queck Wiehl Sep 22 Holger Queck
Holger Queck  Wiehl Sep 22 Holger Queck 
Adam Rafferty Wiehl Sep 22 Adam Rafferty, Jay Minor
Jay Minor Wiehl Sep 22 Jay Minor, Adam Rafferty, Jay Minor
Piano Wiehl Sep 22 Piano
Hgich.T Wiehl Sep 22 Hgich.T
Gil Hockman Wiehl Sep 22 Gil Hockman, Gil Hockman, Lelania
Kölner Travestie-Expedition Wiehl Sep 22 Kölner Travestie-Expedition
Kasalla Wiehl Sep 22 Kasalla