Weyerhaeuser, WI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Haliwel Weyerhaeuser Oct 21 Haliwel, Haliwel, Gravel Switch and 5 more...
Blacked Out World Weyerhaeuser Oct 21 Blacked Out World, Section Hate, The Red Baron and 5 more...
Marlin Ledin Weyerhaeuser Oct 21 Marlin Ledin, Chad Kostner
I AM FEW Weyerhaeuser Oct 25 I AM FEW
Jessie Smith Weyerhaeuser Nov 02 Jessie Smith
Chris Kroeze Music Weyerhaeuser Nov 05 Chris Kroeze Music
Sanctus Real Weyerhaeuser Nov 15 Sanctus Real
Green Jellÿ Weyerhaeuser Nov 17 Green Jellÿ
Cookie Crotch Nuts Weyerhaeuser Nov 17 Cookie Crotch Nuts
Sam Scales Music Weyerhaeuser Nov 18 Sam Scales Music
The Rattlenecks Weyerhaeuser Dec 02 The Rattlenecks
Chris Kroeze Music Weyerhaeuser Dec 06 Chris Kroeze Music
SOLACE IN MURDER Weyerhaeuser Dec 09 SOLACE IN MURDER, Skrog, Karma Sutra
Chris Kroeze Music Weyerhaeuser Dec 16 Chris Kroeze Music
Artista123 Weyerhaeuser Apr 18, 2018 Artista123
Country Fest 2018 Weyerhaeuser Jun 21, 2018 Country Fest 2018
Rock Fest 2018 Weyerhaeuser Jul 12, 2018 Rock Fest 2018