Westfield, PA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Westfield

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
West Holliday Trip Westfield Sep 22 West Holliday Trip
Halfway To HELL - AC/DC Tribute Westfield Sep 22 Halfway To HELL - AC/DC Tribute
Jason Eady Westfield Sep 24 Jason Eady
Black Horse Motel Westfield Sep 29 Black Horse Motel
Dumm Westfield Sep 30 Dumm, Dumm
Dumm Westfield Oct 01 Dumm
Bess Greenberg Westfield Oct 04 Bess Greenberg
Charcoal Tongue Westfield Oct 06 Charcoal Tongue
The Last Ten Seconds of Life Westfield Oct 06 The Last Ten Seconds of Life
36 Crazyfists Westfield Oct 06 36 Crazyfists
Miss Tess Westfield Oct 06 Miss Tess
Tough Old Bird Westfield Oct 07 Tough Old Bird
MARK209 Westfield Oct 10 MARK209
Nick Kody Westfield Oct 13 Nick Kody
Hawthorne Heights Westfield Oct 21 Hawthorne Heights
Awake at last Westfield Oct 21 Awake at last, Hawthorne Heights
Nobuntu Westfield Nov 09 Nobuntu
Marshmellow Overcoat Westfield Nov 17 Marshmellow Overcoat
Anna Coogan Westfield Nov 17 Anna Coogan
Donal Fox Westfield Nov 18 Donal Fox