Westfield, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Westfield

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
James Drakes and the Chris Taylor Trio Westfield Sep 22 James Drakes and the Chris Taylor Trio
First to Eleven Westfield Sep 23 First to Eleven
Steelhorse Westfield Sep 23 Steelhorse
Bernadette Peters Westfield Sep 28 Bernadette Peters
Little Mountain Band Westfield Sep 29 Little Mountain Band
Brandon Fox Worship Westfield Sep 30 Brandon Fox Worship
Juvenile Characteristics Westfield Oct 07 Juvenile Characteristics
Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution Westfield Oct 11 Sean Patrick and the Newgrass Revolution
The Danger Circus Westfield Oct 11 The Danger Circus
Keri Kazz Westfield Oct 11 Keri Kazz
UltraViolet Band Westfield Oct 13 UltraViolet Band
Justin Wells Westfield Oct 14 Justin Wells
Adwela & The Uprising Westfield Oct 14 Adwela & The Uprising
Tyler Smilo Music Westfield Oct 20 Tyler Smilo Music, Tyler Smilo
Unspoken Westfield Oct 20 Unspoken, MercyMe, Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson Westfield Oct 20 Ryan Stevenson
MercyMe Westfield Oct 20 MercyMe, Unspoken
Black Violin Westfield Oct 20 Black Violin, Black Violin
Steelhorse Westfield Oct 21 Steelhorse
Greywalker Westfield Oct 27 Greywalker