Wernigerode, Germany
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Aus der Tiefe Wernigerode Sep 28 Aus der Tiefe
Elisabeth Cutler Wernigerode Sep 28 Elisabeth Cutler, Elisabeth Cutler, Mats Hedberg
Wilhelm-Busch Abend Wernigerode Sep 29 Wilhelm-Busch Abend
Gregorianik meets Pop Wernigerode Sep 29 Gregorianik meets Pop
Bachs Re-Formationen Wernigerode Sep 29 Bachs Re-Formationen
Sonic Delay Wernigerode Sep 29 Sonic Delay, Empire of Giants, Impaled Eyes and 1 more...
Freygang-Band Wernigerode Sep 30 Freygang-Band, Akkedis, Freygang-Band
Karat Wernigerode Sep 30 Karat
AIR RAID Wernigerode Oct 01 AIR RAID
p.slang Wernigerode Oct 02 p.slang
James MacKenzie Wernigerode Oct 02 James MacKenzie
Knaller - Official Wernigerode Oct 02 Knaller - Official
Johann König Wernigerode Oct 06 Johann König
Buffalo Wings Wernigerode Oct 06 Buffalo Wings
Dusty Darren Wernigerode Oct 06 Dusty Darren, Braunschweig Pension, Venus de Vilo and 1 more...
the Sleeper Wernigerode Oct 07 the Sleeper, The Oklahoma Kid
Pripjat Wernigerode Oct 07 Pripjat, KALI YUGA, Drill Star Autopsy and 2 more...
Hard Beat Wernigerode Oct 07 Hard Beat
Masters of Rock Wernigerode Oct 07 Masters of Rock