Wenatchee, WA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Morning Bear Wenatchee Sep 22 Morning Bear
Pagan County Rebels Wenatchee Sep 22 Pagan County Rebels, Pagan County Rebels, Nephilim Rising and 1 more...
Nephilim Rising Wenatchee Sep 22 Nephilim Rising, Pagan County Rebels, The Nightmares
Louis Landon - Composer, Steinway Artist and Pianist for Peace Wenatchee Sep 23 Louis Landon - Composer, Steinway Artist and Pianist for Peace
Loverboy Wenatchee Sep 23 Loverboy
Lich King Wenatchee Sep 23 Lich King, Against The Grain
Against The Grain  Wenatchee Sep 23 Against The Grain
Survivor Wenatchee Sep 23 Survivor
The Association Wenatchee Sep 29 The Association
Lia Menaker Wenatchee Sep 29 Lia Menaker
The Adarna Wenatchee Sep 29 The Adarna, Furniture Girls
The Adarna Wenatchee Sep 30 The Adarna, Furniture Girls
Liberty Quartet Wenatchee Oct 06 Liberty Quartet
Lemolo Wenatchee Oct 08 Lemolo, Lemolo, Chris Staples
Chris Staples Wenatchee Oct 08 Chris Staples
The Silver Shine Wenatchee Oct 13 The Silver Shine
Jackson Taylor & the Sinners Wenatchee Oct 13 Jackson Taylor & the Sinners
Allegiance Music Ministries Wenatchee Oct 14 Allegiance Music Ministries
Waking Things Wenatchee Oct 14 Waking Things, Foxtrot Epidemic