Wehr, Germany
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Anathema  Wehr Oct 18 Anathema , Alcest -official-
Alcest -official- Wehr Oct 18 Alcest -official-, Anathema
Aaron Goldberg Wehr Oct 18 Aaron Goldberg, Yasushi Nakamura, Leon Parker
Continental Band Wehr Oct 18 Continental Band
LA CETRA Barockorchester 2017/18  Wehr Oct 18 LA CETRA Barockorchester 2017/18 
John Law`s Congregation Wehr Oct 18 John Law`s Congregation
Funky-Jazzy Stanley Clarke Group Wehr Oct 18 Funky-Jazzy Stanley Clarke Group
Lily Among Clouds Wehr Oct 18 Lily Among Clouds
Lilly among clouds Wehr Oct 18 Lilly among clouds
Leroy Sanchez Wehr Oct 19 Leroy Sanchez
Syléna Vincent Wehr Oct 19 Syléna Vincent, Syléna Vincent
Black-Bone Wehr Oct 19 Black-Bone
House of Broken Promises Wehr Oct 19 House of Broken Promises
We Stood Like Kings Wehr Oct 19 We Stood Like Kings
Manose Wehr Oct 19 Manose
Miten Wehr Oct 19 Miten
Deva Premal Wehr Oct 19 Deva Premal
Triggerfinger Wehr Oct 19 Triggerfinger
Ahoii Festival Freiburg 2017 Wehr Oct 19 Ahoii Festival Freiburg 2017