Wasco, CA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kern Tamale Fest Wasco Nov 19 Kern Tamale Fest
Black Market III Wasco Nov 19 Black Market III
Glam Cobra Wasco Nov 22 Glam Cobra
Tony Dize Wasco Nov 24 Tony Dize
North By North Wasco Nov 24 North By North
Western Medicine Wasco Nov 24 Western Medicine, Western Medicine, North By North and 1 more...
MarkDavid undercover Wasco Nov 25 MarkDavid undercover
Cam Wasco Nov 30 Cam, Logan Mize
Logan Mize Wasco Nov 30 Logan Mize, Cam
Sound of the Season Wasco Dec 01 Sound of the Season
The Last Gang Wasco Dec 02 The Last Gang
Sonia Morales Wasco Dec 02 Sonia Morales
MarkDavid undercover Wasco Dec 02 MarkDavid undercover
Derek Johnson Music Wasco Dec 03 Derek Johnson Music
The Creepshow Wasco Dec 06 The Creepshow
Corey Smith Wasco Dec 06 Corey Smith
Jade Jackson Wasco Dec 06 Jade Jackson
Hard to Hit Wasco Dec 08 Hard to Hit, Yearbooks, Hightides and 1 more...
Yearbooks Wasco Dec 08 Yearbooks, Umbrella Head, Hightides and 1 more...
Felipe Esparza Wasco Dec 09 Felipe Esparza