Wallis, TX
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Wallis

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Adrienne Crista Wallis Sep 22 Adrienne Crista
The Drugstore Gypsies Wallis Sep 22 The Drugstore Gypsies
Matt Caldwell Wallis Sep 22 Matt Caldwell
Maddox & Steele Wallis Sep 22 Maddox & Steele, Maddox & Steele
Stacey Steele Wallis Sep 22 Stacey Steele
Blaggards Wallis Sep 22 Blaggards
Station Creek Wallis Sep 22 Station Creek, Station Creek
Trey Yenger Music Wallis Sep 23 Trey Yenger Music
Alii Michele Wallis Sep 23 Alii Michele
I AM Gospel Wallis Sep 24 I AM Gospel
JSpeaks The Poet Wallis Sep 24 JSpeaks The Poet, Educator, Temetrius Gistand and 6 more...
David Joel Wallis Sep 27 David Joel
Chickenandwaffles Wallis Sep 28 Chickenandwaffles, Chicken And Waffles
Mary Sarah Wallis Sep 29 Mary Sarah
Kevin Fowler Wallis Sep 29 Kevin Fowler
Ava Bryant Wallis Sep 30 Ava Bryant
Stacey Steele Wallis Sep 30 Stacey Steele
Maddox & Steele Wallis Sep 30 Maddox & Steele
Kyle Park Wallis Sep 30 Kyle Park
Las Fenix Wallis Oct 01 Las Fenix