Wabasha, MN
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chicken Wire Empire Wabasha Sep 20 Chicken Wire Empire, Dead Man Winter, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and 27 more...
Boats and Bluegrass 2017 Wabasha Sep 20 Boats and Bluegrass 2017
Root River Jam Wabasha Sep 20 Root River Jam
Lorin Walker Madsen Wabasha Sep 20 Lorin Walker Madsen
Edward David Anderson Wabasha Sep 21 Edward David Anderson, Chicago Farmer
The Lowest Pair Wabasha Sep 21 The Lowest Pair
Jacob Jolliff Wabasha Sep 21 Jacob Jolliff
The Wooks Wabasha Sep 21 The Wooks
Dead Man Winter Wabasha Sep 21 Dead Man Winter
Joe K. Walsh Wabasha Sep 21 Joe K. Walsh, Danny Barnes, Grant Gordy
Pert' Near Sandstone Wabasha Sep 21 Pert' Near Sandstone
Ventura Highway Wabasha Sep 21 Ventura Highway
Boats and Bluegrass 2017 Wabasha Sep 21 Boats and Bluegrass 2017
Boats and Bluegrass 2017 Wabasha Sep 22 Boats and Bluegrass 2017
the Haunted Windchimes Wabasha Sep 22 the Haunted Windchimes, the Haunted Windchimes
Jacob Jolliff Wabasha Sep 22 Jacob Jolliff
The Ghost of Paul Revere Wabasha Sep 22 The Ghost of Paul Revere
John Craigie Wabasha Sep 22 John Craigie
Almighty American Wabasha Sep 22 Almighty American, Miriam Has me