Vreden, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Arthur Adam Vreden Sep 21 Arthur Adam
Sleepwalker's Station Vreden Sep 21 Sleepwalker's Station
Black Honey Vreden Sep 21 Black Honey
Mark Gillespie's Kings of Floyd Vreden Sep 22 Mark Gillespie's Kings of Floyd
Helgrind Vreden Sep 22 Helgrind
Chris keys Vreden Sep 22 Chris keys
Vezpa Vreden Sep 22 Vezpa
Bökkers Vreden Sep 22 Bökkers
Black Cadillac Vreden Sep 22 Black Cadillac
Hibakusha Vreden Sep 23 Hibakusha
escart Vreden Sep 23 escart, pastor, MONSTERHEAD
Disquiet (Official) Vreden Sep 23 Disquiet (Official), Textures
Lacerated And Carbonized Vreden Sep 23 Lacerated And Carbonized
3rd Machine Vreden Sep 23 3rd Machine, Lacerated & Carbonized, Sisters Of Suffocation and 7 more...
Harbour of Souls Vreden Sep 23 Harbour of Souls
Derivation Vreden Sep 23 Derivation, Rise Above, Facing Madness and 2 more...
Anne Haigis official Vreden Sep 23 Anne Haigis official
Shirma Rouse Vreden Sep 23 Shirma Rouse
Sass Jordan Vreden Sep 23 Sass Jordan