Visp, Switzerland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Shadow's Far Visp Sep 22 Shadow's Far, Cremation, Entombed A.D. and 3 more...
Entombed A.D. Visp Sep 22 Entombed A.D.
Dus Visp Sep 22 Dus
Steve Hophead Visp Sep 22 Steve Hophead
The Monkey Weather Visp Sep 22 The Monkey Weather, Someone New, Olly Riva & The Soul Rockets
Kosmonauts #3 Visp Sep 22 Kosmonauts #3
Adri Visp Sep 22 Adri
Gunjah Visp Sep 22 Gunjah
Marcus Meinhardt Visp Sep 22 Marcus Meinhardt
Carnal Decay (official) Visp Sep 23 Carnal Decay (official), Check Fb Event
Üsserorts Visp Sep 23 Üsserorts, JEssica Maurer
Ducktails Visp Sep 28 Ducktails
Teenage Mutants Visp Sep 29 Teenage Mutants
Second That Motion Visp Sep 29 Second That Motion
Raudi Gaudi Visp Sep 30 Raudi Gaudi
den Alpenraudis Visp Sep 30 den Alpenraudis
Sarah-Jane Visp Sep 30 Sarah-Jane
Maria DaVinci Visp Sep 30 Maria DaVinci
Roger De Win Visp Sep 30 Roger De Win
Tommy Visp Sep 30 Tommy