Verona, PA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Verona

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Riviera Verona Dec 12 Riviera
Bleacher Days Verona Dec 12 Bleacher Days
Saybrook Verona Dec 12 Saybrook
A.K.I.D. Verona Dec 12 A.K.I.D.
Drop The Act Verona Dec 12 Drop The Act
Akid Verona Dec 12 Akid
SWMRS Verona Dec 12 SWMRS, The Interrupters, The Regrettes
The Interrupters Verona Dec 12 The Interrupters
The Regrettes Verona Dec 12 The Regrettes
When Particles Collide Verona Dec 12 When Particles Collide
Celtic Thunder Verona Dec 12 Celtic Thunder
Andrew Willard Verona Dec 12 Andrew Willard
Chris Jamison Verona Dec 12 Chris Jamison, Vanessa Campagna, Brett Keisel
Straight No Chaser Verona Dec 12 Straight No Chaser, Straight No Chaser
JD Eicher Verona Dec 13 JD Eicher
Doug Edgell Trio Verona Dec 13 Doug Edgell Trio
Duquesne Dukes Mens Basketball Verona Dec 13 Duquesne Dukes Mens Basketball
Mississippi Valley Delta Devils Mens Basketball Verona Dec 13 Mississippi Valley Delta Devils Mens Basketball
Steve Everett Verona Dec 13 Steve Everett, JD Eicher
Playboi Carti Verona Dec 13 Playboi Carti