Venice, FL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Venice

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Paul Roush Venice Oct 20 Paul Roush
Francis Jay Entertainment Venice Oct 20 Francis Jay Entertainment
The Woodwork Venice Oct 20 The Woodwork
Jah Movement Venice Oct 20 Jah Movement
Shantel Norman Venice Oct 20 Shantel Norman, Jah Movement
SowFlo Venice Oct 20 SowFlo
Divine AF Venice Oct 21 Divine AF
Sapateiro Invitational Venice Oct 21 Sapateiro Invitational
The Djembabe Venice Oct 21 The Djembabe
Drop Dead Dangerous Venice Oct 21 Drop Dead Dangerous
Kitty Steadman Music Venice Oct 21 Kitty Steadman Music, Drop Dead Dangerous
Alex Lopez Music Venice Oct 21 Alex Lopez Music
The Fighting Jamesons Venice Oct 21 The Fighting Jamesons
Screaming Orphans Venice Oct 21 Screaming Orphans
Ocean Disco Venice Oct 21 Ocean Disco
Daryl Shawn Venice Oct 21 Daryl Shawn
Summer Survivors Venice Oct 21 Summer Survivors
Shantel Norman Venice Oct 22 Shantel Norman, Truality
Chopin Project Concert Sunday October 22 Venice Oct 22 Chopin Project Concert Sunday October 22
2017 Venice Oct 22 2017