Valletta, Malta
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Tenishia Valletta Sep 23 Tenishia
Dale Middleton Valletta Sep 23 Dale Middleton
Stickman Gil Valletta Sep 24 Stickman Gil
Stickman Gil Valletta Sep 26 Stickman Gil
Stickman Gil Valletta Sep 29 Stickman Gil
Stickman Gil Valletta Sep 30 Stickman Gil
Weval Valletta Sep 30 Weval
Anthony Castaldo Valletta Sep 30 Anthony Castaldo
DJ Sash Valletta Oct 07 DJ Sash, Sash!
Matleb Valletta Oct 07 Matleb
Stickman Gil Valletta Oct 08 Stickman Gil
Christina Novelli Valletta Oct 21 Christina Novelli
Ben Santiago Valletta Oct 22 Ben Santiago
Lovely Laura Valletta Oct 22 Lovely Laura
The Dire Straits Experience Valletta Oct 26 The Dire Straits Experience
Risen Prophecy Valletta Oct 27 Risen Prophecy
Sacrilege Valletta Oct 28 Sacrilege
Matleb Valletta Nov 04 Matleb
Sandro Zerafa Valletta Nov 08 Sandro Zerafa
Lacuna Coil Valletta Nov 10 Lacuna Coil