Union City, IN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Union City

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator Union City Sep 22 Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator, Kaitlyn Schmit with Chris Shepard from The Move
Midnight Noon Music Union City Sep 23 Midnight Noon Music
Boggy Branch Band Union City Sep 23 Boggy Branch Band, Flynnville Train, Boggy Branch Band
Saliva Union City Sep 24 Saliva
The Everyday Losers Union City Sep 24 The Everyday Losers, Saliva
Michael Jr. Comedy Union City Sep 28 Michael Jr. Comedy
Wonky Tonk Union City Sep 28 Wonky Tonk
Turnaround Union City Sep 29 Turnaround
City of Bright Union City Sep 29 City of Bright, Turnaround
Aaron Daniel Union City Sep 29 Aaron Daniel
The Klaberheads Union City Sep 30 The Klaberheads
Gold Route Union City Sep 30 Gold Route, You're Letting The Light In, Arrows
Scotty Bratcher Union City Sep 30 Scotty Bratcher
Throw It Down Union City Sep 30 Throw It Down
LeAnn Rimes Union City Oct 07 LeAnn Rimes
The New Dove Brothers Union City Oct 07 The New Dove Brothers, Dixie Melody Boys
Mack Mckenzie Union City Oct 07 Mack Mckenzie, David Payne
Electrik Circus Union City Oct 07 Electrik Circus
Maureen McGovern Union City Oct 08 Maureen McGovern
Urban Pioneers Union City Oct 08 Urban Pioneers