Udall, KS
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Gooding Udall Sep 26 Gooding
Best 303 Sounds Udall Sep 26 Best 303 Sounds, It Is Written
Spence Udall Sep 26 Spence
Damien Jurado Udall Sep 26 Damien Jurado
Aaron Lee Martin Udall Sep 26 Aaron Lee Martin
Comedy Open Mic Udall Sep 26 Comedy Open Mic
Gooding Udall Sep 27 Gooding
Happy Hour Trivia! Udall Sep 27 Happy Hour Trivia!
Emo Night Udall Sep 27 Emo Night
Emo Night Karaoke Udall Sep 27 Emo Night Karaoke
Stump Tail Dolly Udall Sep 28 Stump Tail Dolly, Castle, WhiskeyDick and 1 more...
Biblical Imagination with Michael Card Udall Sep 28 Biblical Imagination with Michael Card
Michael Card Udall Sep 28 Michael Card
Dylan Earl Udall Sep 28 Dylan Earl
WhiskeyDick Udall Sep 28 WhiskeyDick, James Hunnicutt, Stump Tail Dolly
Young Valley Udall Sep 28 Young Valley
The Comfort Revue Udall Sep 28 The Comfort Revue
Lily Frances Udall Sep 28 Lily Frances
Saint Christopher Webster Udall Sep 28 Saint Christopher Webster, Saint Christopher Webster
Michael Card Udall Sep 29 Michael Card