Uccle, Belgium
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
BCUC Uccle Oct 17 BCUC
Epica Uccle Oct 17 Epica, Mayan, King Hiss
Mayan Uccle Oct 17 Mayan
King Hiss Uccle Oct 17 King Hiss
Marcela Bovio Uccle Oct 17 Marcela Bovio
Lambert Wilson Uccle Oct 17 Lambert Wilson
Les lapins sont toujours en retard Uccle Oct 17 Les lapins sont toujours en retard
Paris Theatre Uccle Oct 17 Paris Theatre
The AfterTouch Uccle Oct 17 The AfterTouch
Philippe Jaroussky Completely Unofficial Uccle Oct 18 Philippe Jaroussky Completely Unofficial, Philippe Jaroussky, Ensemble Artaserse
Weezer Uccle Oct 18 Weezer, The Orwells
The Orwells Uccle Oct 18 The Orwells, Weezer
Dino World Uccle Oct 18 Dino World
Sandor Uccle Oct 18 Sandor
Francesco De Gregori Uccle Oct 18 Francesco De Gregori
The Dears Uccle Oct 18 The Dears
BAM (BE) Uccle Oct 18 BAM (BE)
Trash Boat Uccle Oct 18 Trash Boat, WSTR
WSTR Uccle Oct 18 WSTR
La La Land Uccle Oct 18 La La Land