Trutnov, Czech Republic
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Imodium Trutnov Nov 23 Imodium
Time Shifters Trutnov Nov 24 Time Shifters, Unholy Preachers, Arrogant Twins and 1 more...
NoWiS Trutnov Nov 25 NoWiS
Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official) Trutnov Nov 25 Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official)
Mean Messiah Trutnov Nov 30 Mean Messiah, Horkýže Slíže, zakázanÝ ovoce
Mad Rabbits Trutnov Dec 01 Mad Rabbits
John Wolfhooker Trutnov Dec 02 John Wolfhooker
Hellvetica Trutnov Dec 02 Hellvetica, Brain Dead
Mean Messiah Trutnov Dec 02 Mean Messiah, Horkýže Slíže, zakázanÝ ovoce
Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official) Trutnov Dec 02 Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone and 4 more...
TMT Trutnov Dec 02 TMT
Hanz Sedlář - official Trutnov Dec 06 Hanz Sedlář - official
Kristy Jay Trutnov Dec 08 Kristy Jay
Ferry Tayle Trutnov Dec 08 Ferry Tayle
Kamil Střihavka & Leaders Trutnov Dec 12 Kamil Střihavka & Leaders
Na Rovinu Trutnov Dec 16 Na Rovinu
Hanz Sedlář - official Trutnov Dec 21 Hanz Sedlář - official
Richard Reynolds Trutnov Dec 25 Richard Reynolds
Lukas Innemann Trutnov Dec 25 Lukas Innemann, Richard Reynolds, Yeary and 1 more...