Trieste, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Igor Longhi Trieste Sep 22 Igor Longhi
Monsters of the Ordinary Trieste Sep 23 Monsters of the Ordinary, Concrete Jellÿ
Sergej Ćetković Trieste Sep 23 Sergej Ćetković
Crvena jabuka  Trieste Sep 23 Crvena jabuka 
Sergej Ćetković - Tickets Trieste Sep 23 Sergej Ćetković - Tickets
Crvena jabuka Trieste Sep 23 Crvena jabuka
Medial Banana Trieste Sep 24 Medial Banana
Pan-Pot Trieste Sep 30 Pan-Pot
Birdcloud Trieste Oct 02 Birdcloud
Jay Lumen Trieste Oct 06 Jay Lumen
Sirenia Trieste Oct 06 Sirenia
Rock Ledine 2017  Trieste Oct 06 Rock Ledine 2017 
Black Anvil Trieste Oct 06 Black Anvil
Battleme Trieste Oct 07 Battleme
DJ  Davide Manali Trieste Oct 07 DJ Davide Manali
The Sinking Teeth Trieste Oct 08 The Sinking Teeth
Ermes Trieste Oct 13 Ermes
DJ  Davide Manali Trieste Oct 14 DJ Davide Manali
Gabby Young Trieste Oct 14 Gabby Young
Christopher Paul Stelling Trieste Oct 21 Christopher Paul Stelling