Trenton, Canada
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Nicole Coward Musician Trenton Sep 23 Nicole Coward Musician
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 23 Empire Movie
Baer onBass Trenton Sep 23 Baer onBass, Dave Reed GUITAR, Blair Yarranton TRUMPET
Nicole Coward Musician Trenton Sep 23 Nicole Coward Musician
Baer onBass Trenton Sep 24 Baer onBass, Blair Yarranton TRUMPET/FLUGELHORN, Dave Reed GUITAR
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 25 Empire Movie
Jaron Trenton Sep 25 Jaron
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 26 Empire Movie
Jann Arden Trenton Sep 27 Jann Arden
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 28 Empire Movie
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 29 Empire Movie
Matt Mays Trenton Sep 29 Matt Mays
Ferraro Trenton Sep 29 Ferraro
Deviants and The Odd Man Out Trenton Sep 30 Deviants and The Odd Man Out, Corporate Life, Bendecos and 3 more...
Eddie kay Trenton Sep 30 Eddie kay
Empire Movie Trenton Sep 30 Empire Movie
Eric Baragar Trenton Sep 30 Eric Baragar, Supper Dean, Dan Thompson, Wendy Shaer, John & Jenn Miller, Bridget Foley With The Power Connection band
The Marigolds Trenton Sep 30 The Marigolds, The Marigolds (Canada)
The Midnight Tryouts Trenton Sep 30 The Midnight Tryouts, Mudd, Last Chance Marie
Matt Mays Trenton Sep 30 Matt Mays