Trencin, Slovakia
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Hex Trencin Sep 22 Hex
wychitawacs Trencin Sep 22 wychitawacs, DJ Tráva, Dodoman and 4 more...
Chris Sadler Trencin Sep 22 Chris Sadler
Graeme Mark Trencin Sep 23 Graeme Mark
Serious Black_official Trencin Sep 23 Serious Black_official, Serious Black , Herman Frank, Stormhammer
Dan Brantigan Trencin Sep 25 Dan Brantigan
Dan Brantigan Trencin Sep 28 Dan Brantigan
Rybičky 48 Trencin Sep 29 Rybičky 48
wychitawacs Trencin Oct 06 wychitawacs
Richard Reynolds Trencin Oct 06 Richard Reynolds
Dj Namaas Trencin Oct 13 Dj Namaas
Renewal - Death Metal Trencin Oct 14 Renewal - Death Metal, Renewal, O.L.D. and 2 more...
3T - Tri tvorivé tvory Trencin Oct 18 3T - Tri tvorivé tvory
Cut Up Trencin Oct 21 Cut Up
Guns N' Roses Tribute Slovakia Trencin Oct 21 Guns N' Roses Tribute Slovakia
nFiX & Candice Trencin Oct 25 nFiX & Candice
Chinaski Trencin Oct 26 Chinaski
wychitawacs Trencin Oct 27 wychitawacs
Eluveitie Trencin Oct 28 Eluveitie, Eluveitie, Amaranthe and 1 more...
The Charm The Fury Trencin Oct 28 The Charm The Fury, Eluveitie, Amaranthe