Traun, Austria
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chris Beer Traun Aug 16 Chris Beer
Lukas Kranzelbinder Traun Aug 16 Lukas Kranzelbinder
The P&B Stageband Traun Aug 16 The P&B Stageband
Shake Stew Traun Aug 16 Shake Stew
The Rocksteady Conspiracy Traun Aug 17 The Rocksteady Conspiracy
Red Machete Traun Aug 17 Red Machete, Red Machete
Anna Koroleva Traun Aug 19 Anna Koroleva
The Bones Traun Aug 19 The Bones
Fab Toulouse Traun Aug 19 Fab Toulouse
Dj Tom Silver Traun Aug 19 Dj Tom Silver
Die Stockhiatla Traun Aug 20 Die Stockhiatla
BOIDS Traun Aug 20 BOIDS, Anti-Flag
Anti-Flag Traun Aug 20 Anti-Flag
Die Vierkanter OHRakel Traun Aug 22 Die Vierkanter OHRakel
Asota Music International Traun Aug 23 Asota Music International, Only VIP family Members, Andrea Zechmeister Only Family Members
Paddy Murphy Traun Aug 25 Paddy Murphy
Soneros de Verdad Traun Aug 25 Soneros de Verdad
Rick cue Traun Aug 25 Rick cue
Sommerbrise 2017 Traun Aug 25 Sommerbrise 2017