Traralgon, Australia
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
RnB Culture Kings Urban Assault Invasion! Traralgon Sep 23 RnB Culture Kings Urban Assault Invasion!
RnB Party Traralgon Sep 23 RnB Party
Nick Fletcher Musician Traralgon Sep 24 Nick Fletcher Musician
Grand Final Eve Eve HEAVE! Traralgon Sep 28 Grand Final Eve Eve HEAVE!
Bee Gee's Traralgon Oct 06 Bee Gee's
Reece mastin Traralgon Oct 07 Reece mastin
The Paddy Cakes Traralgon Oct 07 The Paddy Cakes
Pride Party! Traralgon Oct 14 Pride Party!
Michael Waugh Traralgon Oct 15 Michael Waugh
Tigerlily Traralgon Oct 20 Tigerlily
Mile Twelve Traralgon Oct 25 Mile Twelve
School's Out TOGA Party! Traralgon Oct 26 School's Out TOGA Party!
Nick Fletcher Musician Traralgon Oct 29 Nick Fletcher Musician
The Weeping Willows Traralgon Nov 04 The Weeping Willows, Bill Chambers, Innocent Eve and 1 more...
Gretta Ziller Traralgon Nov 05 Gretta Ziller
The Paddy Cakes Traralgon Nov 19 The Paddy Cakes
Kasey Chambers Traralgon Nov 24 Kasey Chambers
Nick Fletcher Musician Traralgon Nov 26 Nick Fletcher Musician
The Paddy Cakes Traralgon Dec 24 The Paddy Cakes
Nick Fletcher Musician Traralgon Jan 07, 2018 Nick Fletcher Musician