Toledo, Spain
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Toledo

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Las Odio Toledo Nov 24 Las Odio
Alen Cruz Toledo Nov 24 Alen Cruz
Medina Azahara Toledo Nov 24 Medina Azahara
Whole Lotta Band Toledo Nov 25 Whole Lotta Band
Overdrive 2017 Toledo Nov 25 Overdrive 2017
OKER Toledo Nov 25 OKER
X Trueno Toledo Nov 25 X Trueno
Obus Toledo Nov 26 Obus
Gansos Rosas Toledo Dec 01 Gansos Rosas
Joana Serrat Toledo Dec 01 Joana Serrat
Esclavitud Toledo Dec 06 Esclavitud
Hija de la Luna Toledo Dec 08 Hija de la Luna
Penny Necklace Toledo Dec 15 Penny Necklace
Quequé Perfil Toledo Dec 15 Quequé Perfil
Una Navidad Gospel Toledo Dec 16 Una Navidad Gospel
Christmas Carol Toledo Dec 16 Christmas Carol
Tributo Red Hot Chili Peppers Toledo Dec 16 Tributo Red Hot Chili Peppers
Monster Rock – El Musical! Toledo Dec 17 Monster Rock – El Musical!
Over The Moon Toledo Dec 22 Over The Moon