Timbo, Brazil
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Adriano Dognini DJ Timbo Aug 19 Adriano Dognini DJ
Marcel Coelho (Official) Timbo Aug 19 Marcel Coelho (Official)
Patrulha Show Timbo Aug 19 Patrulha Show
DJ Duda Vee Timbo Aug 19 DJ Duda Vee
Garage Timbo Aug 19 Garage, Danee, Mannrich and 1 more...
Danee Timbo Aug 19 Danee
Banda HIT ME Timbo Aug 19 Banda HIT ME
FIC³T Timbo Aug 19 FIC³T
Iriê e Ras Bernardo Timbo Aug 19 Iriê e Ras Bernardo
The Headcutters Timbo Aug 23 The Headcutters
The Headcutters Timbo Aug 30 The Headcutters
Um Convite à Dança Timbo Aug 31 Um Convite à Dança
The Bombers Timbo Sep 02 The Bombers
Ivete Sangalo Timbo Sep 02 Ivete Sangalo
Braza Timbo Sep 06 Braza
Pollnow Timbo Sep 08 Pollnow
4ª Deutsches Leben Fest Timbo Sep 09 4ª Deutsches Leben Fest
Capital Inicial Timbo Sep 09 Capital Inicial
Anderson Noise Timbo Sep 16 Anderson Noise
Almir Sater Timbo Sep 16 Almir Sater