Tees, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Tees

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
St. Groove Tees Aug 25 St. Groove
The Airstreams Tees Aug 31 The Airstreams, The Airstreams
Ryon Holmedal Tees Sep 05 Ryon Holmedal
Bobby Warrener Tees Sep 07 Bobby Warrener
Tommy Mellor Tees Sep 07 Tommy Mellor
Derek Adams Tees Sep 07 Derek Adams
Scoot Laird Tees Sep 07 Scoot Laird
999 Fall Kick Off Tees Sep 09 999 Fall Kick Off
The Give 'em Hell Boys Tees Sep 09 The Give 'em Hell Boys, The Dead South, Tim Hus and 2 more...
Ryan Langlois Tees Sep 13 Ryan Langlois
Art Battle Tees Sep 14 Art Battle
The Weber Brothers Tees Sep 14 The Weber Brothers
Ryan McAllister Tees Sep 15 Ryan McAllister, Ryan McAllister, Coalmont
The Johnny Mccuaig Band Tees Sep 15 The Johnny Mccuaig Band
Coalmont Tees Sep 15 Coalmont
Lock Smith Tees Sep 20 Lock Smith, Kung Fu Vampire
Kung Fu Vampire Tees Sep 20 Kung Fu Vampire, Locksmith, Noise
Kman and the 45's Tees Sep 24 Kman and the 45's
Potter's Clay Quartet Tees Sep 26 Potter's Clay Quartet
the wilderness of manitoba Tees Sep 29 the wilderness of manitoba