Tamworth, Australia
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Weeping Willows Tamworth Sep 29 The Weeping Willows, Arna Georgia
Jay Seeney Tamworth Oct 07 Jay Seeney
Jay Seeney Tamworth Oct 08 Jay Seeney
Desiree' Apolonio Bassett Tamworth Oct 18 Desiree' Apolonio Bassett
Christie Lamb Tamworth Oct 28 Christie Lamb
Jay Seeney Tamworth Nov 04 Jay Seeney
Benny Nelson Music Tamworth Nov 04 Benny Nelson Music
Benny Nelson Music Tamworth Nov 05 Benny Nelson Music
Baylou Tamworth Nov 11 Baylou
Brooklyn Tamworth Nov 11 Brooklyn
Paul Kelly Tamworth Nov 14 Paul Kelly, Paul Kelly, Steve Earle and 1 more...
Steve Earle Tamworth Nov 14 Steve Earle
Middle Kids Tamworth Nov 14 Middle Kids
Natalie Pearson Tamworth Jan 19, 2018 Natalie Pearson, The Brook Chivell Band
Jody Direen Tamworth Jan 19, 2018 Jody Direen
Jeanie Tamworth Jan 20, 2018 Jeanie
Jody Direen Tamworth Jan 20, 2018 Jody Direen, Jody Direen
Adam Eckersley Band Tamworth Jan 20, 2018 Adam Eckersley Band
Carter & Carter Tamworth Jan 21, 2018 Carter & Carter, Steve Grace, Judah Kelly and 2 more...
Eric Grothe & The Gurus Tamworth Jan 21, 2018 Eric Grothe & The Gurus