Sunnyside, FL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Bruce Salmon Sunnyside Sep 24 Bruce Salmon, Mike Whitty
Drummond FamilyMinistry Sunnyside Sep 24 Drummond FamilyMinistry
Wyatt Espalin Sunnyside Sep 24 Wyatt Espalin
Eyes Set to Kill Sunnyside Sep 25 Eyes Set to Kill, Wednesday 13
Luke Langford & The 331 South Band Sunnyside Sep 27 Luke Langford & The 331 South Band
Heritage (official) Sunnyside Sep 28 Heritage (official)
Casey Kearney Music Sunnyside Sep 29 Casey Kearney Music
The Official RAY SCOTT Page Sunnyside Sep 29 The Official RAY SCOTT Page
Drew Ellis Music Sunnyside Sep 29 Drew Ellis Music
Post Pluto Sunnyside Sep 29 Post Pluto
Drummond FamilyMinistry Sunnyside Sep 30 Drummond FamilyMinistry
Keith Wayne Sunnyside Sep 30 Keith Wayne
The Resolvers Sunnyside Sep 30 The Resolvers
Donnie Sundal Sunnyside Sep 30 Donnie Sundal
Post Pluto Sunnyside Sep 30 Post Pluto
Gentleman Zero Sunnyside Sep 30 Gentleman Zero
Ocean Disco Sunnyside Oct 01 Ocean Disco
The Conrad Family Sunnyside Oct 02 The Conrad Family, C&C Band
Ocean Disco Sunnyside Oct 04 Ocean Disco