Suhl, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Karl die Große Suhl Sep 20 Karl die Große
Robert Graefe Suhl Sep 20 Robert Graefe
Avatarium Suhl Sep 20 Avatarium
Robert Graefe Suhl Sep 22 Robert Graefe
Church Of Mental Enlightment Suhl Sep 22 Church Of Mental Enlightment
Joy Peters Suhl Sep 22 Joy Peters
Roman Schuler extended Trio - RSxT Suhl Sep 22 Roman Schuler extended Trio - RSxT
Adam Joseph Suhl Sep 22 Adam Joseph
Benefizkonzert Suhl Sep 23 Benefizkonzert
Robert Graefe Suhl Sep 23 Robert Graefe
Mother Engine Suhl Sep 23 Mother Engine
Hermes House Band International Suhl Sep 23 Hermes House Band International
Hermes House Band Int. Suhl Sep 23 Hermes House Band Int.
Dj Goblin Suhl Sep 23 Dj Goblin
Holger Hecler Suhl Sep 23 Holger Hecler
vanhelga Suhl Sep 24 vanhelga
Perennial Isolation Suhl Sep 24 Perennial Isolation, Perennial Isolation, vanhelga and 3 more...
Evita Suhl Sep 24 Evita
The Rocketboys Suhl Sep 24 The Rocketboys
San2 Suhl Sep 27 San2