Stra, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Stra

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Damien Mcfly Stra Aug 20 Damien Mcfly
The Tap Pack Stra Aug 20 The Tap Pack
Hugo Bianco Stra Aug 20 Hugo Bianco
Jovanotte Stra Aug 20 Jovanotte
Talk To Her Stra Aug 21 Talk To Her
Damien Mcfly Stra Aug 21 Damien Mcfly
Interpol Stra Aug 22 Interpol
Mac DeMarco Stra Aug 22 Mac DeMarco
Baustelle Stra Aug 22 Baustelle
Lo Stato Sociale Stra Aug 22 Lo Stato Sociale
AMA Music Festival Stra Aug 22 AMA Music Festival
Thurston Moore Stra Aug 23 Thurston Moore
Beach Fossils Stra Aug 23 Beach Fossils
TFT - Tiziano Ferro Tribute Band Stra Aug 23 TFT - Tiziano Ferro Tribute Band
Antonella Ruggiero Stra Aug 23 Antonella Ruggiero, Antonella Ruggiero, Mark Baldwin Harris
Mark Baldwin Harris Stra Aug 23 Mark Baldwin Harris
AMA Music Festival Stra Aug 23 AMA Music Festival
Brunori sas Stra Aug 23 Brunori sas
√úBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band) Stra Aug 24 √úBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band)
AMA Music Festival Stra Aug 24 AMA Music Festival