Stanton, KY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Stanton

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Woodsheep Stanton Sep 28 The Woodsheep
Bill Harley Stanton Sep 29 Bill Harley
Ky Myle Band Stanton Sep 29 Ky Myle Band
The Bakers Stanton Oct 01 The Bakers
Confederate Railroad Stanton Oct 06 Confederate Railroad
Sam Tolson (Music) Stanton Oct 07 Sam Tolson (Music)
The Woodsheep Stanton Oct 07 The Woodsheep
The Tealights Stanton Oct 07 The Tealights
Eastern Kentucky Colonels Football Stanton Oct 07 Eastern Kentucky Colonels Football
Tennessee State Tigers Football Stanton Oct 07 Tennessee State Tigers Football
The LeFevre Quartet Stanton Oct 07 The LeFevre Quartet
The Misty Mountain String Band Stanton Oct 07 The Misty Mountain String Band
The Sons Family Stanton Oct 08 The Sons Family
David Phelps Stanton Oct 08 David Phelps
Kansas Stanton Oct 11 Kansas
The Woodsheep Stanton Oct 13 The Woodsheep
Sundy Best Stanton Oct 13 Sundy Best
Jordan Chapman Music Stanton Oct 13 Jordan Chapman Music, Sundy Best
The Woodsheep Stanton Oct 14 The Woodsheep
The Sons Family Stanton Oct 14 The Sons Family