Stamsried, Germany
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
DJ Xris • • Stamsried Aug 24 DJ Xris • •
Ingrimm Stamsried Aug 25 Ingrimm, Tankard
The Foreign Resort Stamsried Aug 25 The Foreign Resort, She Past Away, Amygdala and 3 more...
Killing Age Stamsried Aug 26 Killing Age
Tankard Stamsried Aug 26 Tankard
Lord Bishop Rocks Stamsried Aug 26 Lord Bishop Rocks
DJ Habelá Stamsried Aug 26 DJ Habelá
DJ Xris • • Stamsried Aug 31 DJ Xris • •
Test mit SonderzeichenProzentig Stamsried Sep 01 Test mit SonderzeichenProzentig
Bruce Phillis Stamsried Sep 01 Bruce Phillis
DJ Habelá Stamsried Sep 01 DJ Habelá
Danny Dee Stamsried Sep 01 Danny Dee
Danny Dee Stamsried Sep 02 Danny Dee
Mike Book Stamsried Sep 02 Mike Book
Spider Murphy Gang Stamsried Sep 08 Spider Murphy Gang
Nico García Stamsried Sep 08 Nico García
Phosphor (Official) Stamsried Sep 09 Phosphor (Official)
LaBrassBanda Stamsried Sep 10 LaBrassBanda
Nena Stamsried Sep 15 Nena