St Louis, MI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
NAGAZImetalshop St Louis Nov 22 NAGAZImetalshop, Revolution In Progress
Brenda Loomis Band St Louis Nov 22 Brenda Loomis Band
Central Michigan Chippewas Football St Louis Nov 24 Central Michigan Chippewas Football
Northern Illinois Huskies Football St Louis Nov 24 Northern Illinois Huskies Football
Straight No Chaser St Louis Dec 01 Straight No Chaser, Straight No Chaser
Whiskey Maiden (US) St Louis Dec 02 Whiskey Maiden (US)
Christian Celebration Center Choir St Louis Dec 07 Christian Celebration Center Choir
DJ Carleton St Louis Dec 09 DJ Carleton
Kurtis Young St Louis Dec 09 Kurtis Young
Jordyn Davis St Louis Dec 09 Jordyn Davis
Will Crandell St Louis Dec 09 Will Crandell
Home Free St Louis Dec 10 Home Free
Michael Robertson St Louis Dec 15 Michael Robertson
Raven Black St Louis Dec 16 Raven Black, Nagazi, Revolution In Progress
NAGAZImetalshop St Louis Dec 16 NAGAZImetalshop, Raven Black, Revolution In Progress
The Swift Brothers St Louis Dec 16 The Swift Brothers
Brenda Lee St Louis Dec 17 Brenda Lee
Travis Faber St Louis Dec 22 Travis Faber
Rodney Carrington St Louis Dec 27 Rodney Carrington
Rick Springfield St Louis Dec 28 Rick Springfield, Rick Springfield